The Lord of the Skies

Telemundo - 45 mins - TheTVDB, IMDB

The series follows the life of Aurelio Casillas, a drug lord who is recognized for knowing how to transfer drug substances to Mexico, Colombia, and the United States. Aurelio and his wife Ximena have three children, Rutila, Heriberto, and Luz Marina. He also has his faithful brother Chacorta who helps him in all his illicit businesses. Aurelio would end up being cornered by the authorities after being found as he decides to undergo a face operation in which he supposedly dies, thus causing his empire of power to fall. In season two, believed to be dead, Aurelio returns to enact his revenge on police officer Leonor Ballesteros, who through her fault ends up operating his face in a failed attempt to escape from the authorities. Aurelio meets Victoria Navárez, a beautiful woman who throws herself to be the governor of Mexico, Aurelio after seeing her actions falls in love and decides to deceive her by posing as another man and usurping the identity of Danilo Ferro. To the arrival of the new personages also is José María "Chema" Venegas, one of the great enemies of Aurelio who decides to take all its power to Aurelio. At the end of the season, Leonor captures Aurelio and lasts several months in prison naval bunker. In season three, after several months imprisoned in naval bunker in Mexico, Aurelio receives the mutilated head of his brother Chacorta in a box, implying that his brother has died, who gives him reason to wage a war against all his enemies and to look for the murderer of his brother, to avenge his death. After all the problems with the government and the DEA, Aurelio learns that he suffers from kidney failure and decides to remember his past in order to find his lost son. In season four, Aurelio after being cornered by his illness and not finding no relative who lives with him can donate a kidney, decides to undertake a search for all the lovers he had in order to find a lost son who can donate a kidney. After several attempts of searching, Aurelio finds a young man named Ismael, who can be his salvation. His enemies, after learning of his illness, decide to do everything possible to get Ismael out of the way. When everything seems to take its course and achieve total stability in the world of legal and illegal businesses of Aurelio, Emiliana Contreras appears a beautiful woman sent by Feyo Aguilera to be able to make Aurelio fall, but her mission is to become the lover Of Aurelio to thus be able to finally make the fall of Aurelio's empire. In season five, Aurelio, will unleash a new war; But this time it will not be against his former rivals and enemies; this time it will be against his own family; Because of the betrayals he had previously experienced on their part; Later, Aurelio, will also face a serious illness, which puts at stake his power and prestige since this man fails to get a donor, so they can make his transplant, necessary to continue living. On the other hand, Mónica fights for her life after being rescued from Víctor's hands in the middle of their wedding, since while she fled received a shot that apparently is mortal; After being taken from his side, Víctor searches everywhere to find Mónica's whereabouts and continue with her wedding plans. In season six, Aurelio Casillas recovered all the lost fortune and finally feels the need to retire. But it is time for retribution, the hatred that he sowed since he sold his soul to the drug trafficking demon is now knocking on his door with the face and blood of the many innocent people he destroyed. Aurelio will understand that his riches are an illusion, and that after being the great hunter he was, he will now become the prey. The women he mistreated, the men he betrayed, the political puppets he put in power, and even his own children will turn against him.
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